Why Rabbit Has A Short Tail

Publisher: Choctaw Print 

Why the ‘Possum Has No Hair on His Tail

Publisher: Choctaw Print

The Story of Tanchi 

Publisher: Choctaw Print

August 2019

The Turkey Who Liked To Show Off

Publisher: Choctaw Print  

October 2017

Why the Turtle Has Cracks on His Back 

Publisher: Choctaw Print  

June 2018

Chukfi Rabbit’s Big Bad Bellyache – a Choctaw Trickster’s Tale

told by Greg Rodgers

Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press, 2014

Kirkus, Starred Review (May 2014)

Alaska Spirit of Reading (2014-15 Selection)

Oklahoma Book Awards (2015) Best Children’s Book

Imagine the Moon – A Primer of Full Moon Names

Written by Gerald Fierst

Publisher: Plum Street Publisher, May 2017

Artwork on display in the new  Choctaw Nation Judicial Building.