Kindred Spirits: Shilombish Ittibachʋffa

Author Leslie Stall Widener, Illustrator Johnson Yazzie

A true pay-it-forward story that bridges two continents, 175 years, and two events in history that connect Ireland, Choctaw Nation, Navajo Nation, and the Hopi Nation.


Author/Illustrator Leslie Stall Widener

Voices in History is a Core Knowledge Biography Series that encourages young readers to learn about real superheroes in history. As a result of acts of extraordinary bravery, ingenuity, strength, and determination, these people made a difference and changed the world. Perhaps their remarkable stories will inspire young readers to become the superheroes of the future.

Tornado Alley

Author Leslie Stall Widener

Roasting marshmallows. Singing songs. Building a campfire. When Ethan joins his new classmates on the annual science camping trip, he doesn’t expect that his knowledge of tornadoes will become the key to their survival.

Stories By Choctaw Women

Leslie Stall Widener co-editor, book designer, story contributor